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Report on SEBAK Aceh, a charity programme

Program ‘Semai Bakti Nusantara’ (SEBAK) was held from 6th-10th June 2011. 37 students and one advisor from KMB; 17 boys and 20 girls of students and Pn. Mardiah as the advisor had anticipated in this event. Our main objective for this event was to provide an educational aid to the orphans at the Pondok Anak Yatim Ar-Raudhah (PAYAR), Lhok Suemaweh, Acheh. Furthermore, we seek for an international relationship with Indonesia and tried to clear the view of the Indonesians towards Malaysia.

6th June 2011
We departed from LCCT at 6th june 2011 at 12.30 pm according to Malaysia’s time. We took one hour 30 minutes journey by AirAsia to the Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, Acheh. We arrived there at 1.00pm according Indonesia’s time. We spent our first day rounding Banda Acheh, visiting many historical places to get the insight of the people’s suffers from the Tsunami in 2004. We visited the Tsunami Museum in Acheh and identified a lot of the circumstances before and after the tsunami. Then we moved on to Masjid Baitu-Rahim, around 500m from the sea. Our tour guide mentioned that the mosque is the only building left after the tsunami swept everything. We went to a place where a cargo ship was standing on the land from the moment the tsunami brought the ship to the land. The ship- Tiger Jakarta Timur: PLTD Apung represents the violence of the tsunami for us but for them, it was a remainder for them from Allah for their mistakes. We performed our night prayer at the Masjid Baitu-Rahman before we set our journey to PAYAR. The journey took about 5 hours to the Banda Lhok Suemaweh.
7th June 2011
We arrived there around 4.30am in the following day and Bapak Hamdani was the man that welcomed us there. During our first day at PAYAR, we did a gotong-royong at the mosque and PAYAR. A group of us cleaned the mosque and another group painted a house before we started our opening ceremony on 2.30pm. Our ceremony was officiated by Bapak Hamdani. After that, we divided the orphans to be adopted brothers and sisters to us. We continued to English Communication Skill workshop for the orphans. We made an explorace that used English as language for communication. We wanted to boost their confidence in speaking English. At night, we spent our time with our adopted brothers and sisters. We tried to know about each other and created close relationship.
8th June 2011
                At 4.00am in the next day, we did a small slaughtering. At 10.30am, we were brought around Banda Lhok Suemaweh. We used this time to know more about the orphans’ city. Although the city is less developed but the peoples there are very friendly to us. They would like to offer their help in walking around the city. After 2.00pm, we moved to the beach near the city. We had a game with the orphans; beach football, ‘anak ayam’ , sand buried and swimming. During the night, we had ‘Bedah Video’ activity. We showed and exposed them to an English video so that they could learn from it. After that, we had a discussion with them about the video to identify their understanding.
9th June 2011     
On the third day, we continued with our activity with was Bond of Ukhuwah. This activity is only for our students but still a few orphans followed us. We walked across the village, paddy field and forest. We had a game that made our bond between students is stronger. During the evening, we had a football game with the people from that village. Although we had tried so much but we could not grab the win as we loss 1-0 to them. At night, we had our closing ceremony. We had a nasyid performance and video performance from us, and cultural performance from them. After that, we gave them the prizes to the winning teams for the previous activities and the donation that we collected for them. As the closing ceremony ended, we departed to Medan for five hours trip by bus.
10th June 2011  
We arrived around 9.00am at Medan. Then, we had a visit to the medical faculty, Universiti Sumatera Utara (USU), Medan.  A lecturer gave a talk about the university as the welcomed symbolic. After that, we visited the facilities such as library, hall, and laboratories. We met the Malaysian students there and there gave us a warm welcome. We moved to Medan Airport at 1.00pm. Our flight was on 3.00pm and we arrived at KLIA around 5.30pm according to Malaysia’s time.
                In conclusion, the SEBAK’ 11 event was a success. We hoped that this kind of events could be continued next time. Bapak Hamdani, man in charge at PAYAR hoped that we can pay a visit again during the future. We wanted to thanks to the KMB’s management for allowing us to make this activity.

Reported by,

(Mohd Izzudin bin Md. Nor togather with Amir Asyraf)
Semai Bakti Nusantara Programme,

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